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Yin and Yang on Chronic Urticaria Cure.

Opposite Energies that complement each other

Everything contains Yin and Yang. They are opposite and complementary energies.  They are totally different; opposite in their characterístics and nature. They depend one another. Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate. For example, night and day form a Yin-Yang pair. (Night is Yin and day is Yang.) They are very different however it is impossible to have one without the other. Both create a totality, a complete whole.

This inseparable and interpenetrating relationship is shown in the form of the Yin-Yang symbol. The small dots within each of the two energies (represented by black and white) symbolize that there is always some Yin (black) within Yang (white) and vice versa. No matter the diameter of the whole circle, each half will always contain some Yin and some Yang.

Nothing is absolute with Yin and Yang. Yin or Yang is always relative to some other thing. For example, day is Yang, yet within every day is a Yang part—the early morning, and a Yin part—late day, as it begins to turn to night, which is Yin.


When two things are balanced, they are equal but still separate. In nature this phenomenon is seen in the changing of the seasons: the cold of winter yields to the warmth of spring and summer heat, and then gradually turns cool in fall to become winter once again.

Regarding your health, if you think of how you feel when you feel really well, you might realize you don’t think of wellness at all! Everything in your life just flows and moves seamlessly—in harmony. Your body, mind, emotions, and spirit can adjust and readjust to the circumstances in your life. This is precisely the state TCM seeks to create; BALANCE. Balance is always dinamic and not static. In human body and health the balance this is even more clear because of the emotional factor.


A Theory Fundamental to TCM Practice

The theory of Yin and Yang is fundamental for tradicional chinese medicine regarding understanding, diagnosing, and treating health issues. In all types of urticaria even more because a big part of them are clearly a problem of umbalance between heat and cold. Cholinergic urticaria is most pure example of this. It is caused by an excess of inner heat ( Yang ), however this excess of inner heat might not be an excess of yang but a lack of yin ( cold or cooling energy ). In tradicional chinese medicine this is called empty yin.

How Yin and Yang affect You and Your health specially chronic urticaria.

You might be wondering how Yin and Yang apply to you and your life, and to any health problems like urticaria.

Yin and Yang are the two energies that embody Universal law, which ensures also that our body and health are in harmony.

TCM’s healing approach is to help you look at your life from an outside perspective and detect and understand where and or when your way of living or past happenings can or could be creating health issues on you. For most people, this is a process that develops over time. For others, it comes in a moment of great insight or on an intense and traumatic happening. From the tradicional chinese medicine perspective, there is no point on repeatedly treating symptoms that are caused by negative emotions, patterns of thought, belief systems, or a lifestyle that is umbalanced. It´s clearly better to understand and work to change the root cause (or causes) of the health problem.  As a deep and authentic healing system, TCM understands and applies Yin and Yang to help you harmonize your body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and then harmonize your individual energy with nature. As i already wrote in the latest article, urticaria is not a disease. It´s a Symptom of inner hiden umbalances that are caused by negative emotions.

Summarizing, the process is the next:

Negative emotions >>> Inner organ umbalances >>> General umbalance of yin and yang regarding cold and heat, rest and activity. Food intake also have a role once there are Yin foods and Yang foods.

Yin-Yang Pairs Exemplifying Two Universal Energies

Earth Heaven
Moon Sun
Darkness Light
Water Fire
Matter Energy
Rest Activity
Grows Generates
Contraction Expansion
Flat Round
Descending Rising
Below Above
West East
North South
Right Left
Female Male

Yin-Yang Pairs in Your Body

Interior Exterior
Front Back
Body Head
Below the waist Above the waist
Structure / organ Function
Blood and body fluids Qi ( energy )
Sleep Awake
Depression Anxiety
Calm / rest Nervous / activity
Slow Fast / hurry
Water Phlegm
Cold / what cools Hot / what creates heat

On my next article i will explain:

1 – The difference between excess of yang and empty yin applied to urticaria.

2 – How yin and yang affect and work on an inner organ regarding several plans of this duality.

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