Claudio Silva, Brazil, 28 Years suffering of cholinergic urticaria – Facebook Profile

After living for 28 years with cholinergic urticaria, with no hope of cure or improvement, I met Mr. Luís Monteiro in a Facebook group on urticaria in 2014. I can only thank him immensely for his guidance that in 4 months of treatment brought me to cure of this problem, which i already considered impossible.

Luis suffered from cholinergic urticaria, but did not give up. He researched and acquired knowledge about traditional Chinese Medicine and through it and with changes in life philosophy, diet, acupuncture, herbs and Chinese herbal medicine, and treatments on Chinese medicine a doctor managed to cure this terrible problem that destroys our life.

I followed his instructions step by step and gradually felt improvements in my health. The itching gradually diminished and appeared less and less, until they disappeared completely. Believe him, his guidelines have already led many people to cure, or have improved a lot and given quality of life to hundreds of people. I have seen countless cases. Thank you very much.

Catarina Pierno Dionelo, Brazil, 1 year and half suffering of chronic idiopatic urticariaFacebook Profile

I would like to contribute with my testimony to help many people who suffer a lot with urticaria/hives as I did. In 2013 was diagnosed with autoimmune urticaria with angioedema and dermographism. I went to the emergency room twice with glottis edema due to anaphylaxis. I raised 66lbs due to the use of corticosteroids.
In 2014 I met Luis on a hives group on Facebook. He guided me with all his enormous knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine, and after 10 months of daily crises plus 4 months with Luis I got the disease remission. Also following is opinions i lost the 66lbs i raised. I´m so happy. Thanks to God and Luis i got my life back! Luis was always very helpful and guided me and helped me without ever asking for anything in return !! I can only thank you for sharing your knowledge !! Thank you

Lucia Maria Silva Brazil – 6 Years suffering of autoimmune urticaria. Facebook Profile

My urticaria started in 2014 with soft intensity. In 2017 it became more intense and recurrent, starting to be accompanied by angioedema. I was diagnosed with autoimmune urticaria and angioedema. I met Luis Monteiro that same year, through a Facebook group on hives that he managed, where I met many cured and controlled people. With his guidelines for traditional Chinese medicine, the respective diet and acupuncture, I have urticaria almost cured, with only a few episodes appearing because I have not yet been able to make all the changes regarding to live according with what i really want and with my essence. Gratitude for the dedication, empathy and competence of Luis.

Eliene Reis – Brazil -10 months suffering of cholinergic urticaria. Facebook Profile

In mid-June 2019, I was on Facebook looking for people who had been healed of hives, that’s when I found a comment from Luis in a post that caught my attention. After contacting him, it didn’t take long for me to see that he really understood the subject, as he explained absolutely everything about the type of hives I had and assured me that there was a cure. Listening to that was fundamental for me, because I lived on antidepressants and antihistamines, I had no more hopes of getting rid of hives. At the time, I had been having hives for 10 months, had seen several doctors and had a long long battery of tests, but nothing was working, nothing was found. That’s when he started to advise me and guide me and, after about 4/5 months, more or less, urticaria started improve and getting weaker until it disappeared. I am forever grateful to Luis for everything he did for me, his advice was decisive for me to achieve my cure.

Sara Freitas – Germany – 1 Year suffering of cholinergic urticaria. Facebook Profile

In 2016, I went through one of the most difficult moments of my life, I was diagnosed with cholinergic urticaria, which health professionals said was of allergic origin. Between Portugal and Germany, waiting hours in hospitals and clinics, exams and more exams, I came to the conclusion that there was no improvement. One day I decided to look for urticaria groups on facebook to try to find a solution. I found a group, in which Luís administered, helped and gave his opinion to people with urticaria. First he guided us on food. In my case, he advocated a diet where food and sauces that increased internal heat were totally excluded. Then he recommended traditional Chinese medicine to us, and helped people find a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in any city or country in the world where we were. We informed that doctor about the diagnosis that Luis most likely understood, and that doctor confirmed or rectified the diagnosis and started treatment. After 4 months of guidance from Luís, I was cured of Urticaria.

Flavia Lozano – Uruguay – her son was 4 years suffering of cholinergic urticaria. Facebook Profile

Hi, I’m Flavia from Uruguay and I met Luis in a group of hives. I have a son who had this disease called cholinergic urticaria for 4 years. My son’s urticaria was very severe and he could no longer go to school. I went to facebook groups to look for a solution. I found several opinions that Luis had written during the times. I asked him for help and Luis indicated a diet for his liver that was one of the reasons for the problem, and acupuncture that I did in my country with a professional here. My son was able to go back to school and for 1 and a half years he has been cured. The treatment is strict and you have to follow each step indicated, but I recommend it. Before, my son was treated by several health professionals from my country and Argentina without any response or event. Today he already lives a normal life although he follows a diet of foods that is very important to be well. Thanks to Luis for his knowledge and help.

Zilda João – Portugal – 17 years suffering of chronic idiopatic urticaria with a delayed pressure component and dermographism. Facebook Profile

18 years ago my urticaria started. It finished 1 year ago. I´m cured. I had a mix of chronic idiopatic urticaria with dermographism and delayed pressure urticaria for 17 years with angioedema and anaphylaxis symptoms. I runned lots of doctors, took tons of antihistamines and corticosteroids for 17 years. Nothing worked and my life became very difficult. Sadness, despair, and the feeling of no hope was the worst thing. No doctor, no medicine gave just one possible solution. I could not use boots for 17 years, i could not stand the heat, and i could not be happy. I decided to look for other people with the same condition on facebook groups and i started to see a new world. there was a man from my country that was giving his opinions and mentoring for free to hundreds of persons and i was seeing them to get cured with my own eyes. I could not believe. I asked Luis for help. He guided me, explained me why i had urticaria and taught me loads about tradicional chinese medicine; he taught to all of us. In a couple of months, my urticaria/ hives started to get weaker and weaker and in 8 months i got free of it. I´m so happy. I have a new life now and i can use boots again. I have no words to thank Luis for everything he made for me and for all the hundreds of people he guided to the cure. Thanks for making a better world Luis.

Lucilene Silva – 3 Years suffering of cold urticaria. Facebook Profile

In 2014 I noticed that everything i drank cold gave me the feeling that my throat was going to get blocked. If i drank a little water at environment temperature it would get better quickly.  I observed other things like the rain. If it got wet I had itches, and red papules all over my body. I was in despair and went to seek help on facebook groups of cold and chronic urticaria. I didn’t even go to the doctor. A friend of mine pointed Luis Monteiro to me. She said he could help me. I got in touch and started my treatment. He guided me with diets that I followed correctly and strictly. My emotional part was very shaken and weak. Luis helped me a lot on that part too. Then I went to a psychologist according to his recommendation. I sought the help of Luis Monteiro in 2017. I had a cold urticaria for 3 years. I am very grateful to Luis for everything. I have been cured for 2 years and live happily without hives or urticaria. I wish everyone to get over it because hives make life very difficult. I cried a lot during hives and therefore I wish everyone to live without hives or urticaria, and get smiles, not sadness.