These are some of the questions i´m more frequently asked since 2014 when i started telling my opinions to people suffering with urticaria/hives.

  • Are you a conventional medicine doctor ? NO.
  • Are you a traditional chinese medicine doctor ? NO.
  • Who are you after all and what do you do ? I´m a self taught. I´m a former cholinergic urticaria patient for 3 years that decided not to accept taking antihistamines and or chorticoids with no time limit and give up my activities like music, martial arts, going to the beach, and do everything i wish. Then i decided to study everything that exists on this planet both on conventional and chinese medicines, in order to help people no to suffer what i suffered, and to build a better world.
  • Does urticaria have a cure ? Urticaria is not a disease but only a symptom, and YES, it can be cured.
  • Did you ever get payed by the people you helped ? NO. I never asked or accepted a dime.
  • Are you totally cured and recovered all your activities like martial arts, jazz playing, or going to the beach ? 100% YES.
  • Is there a chance that some people can´t get cured ? YES because some patients do not implement, or could not implement the changes asked by me and by the Chinese medicine doctors in their lifes.

  • You say you are cured but can you guarantee you will never have urticaria/hives again in your life ? NO. I cannot guarantee because i don´t control the world. Bad real things can happen in my future life like loosing someone, catching some infeccious disease, or degenerative, a war, and many things that can bring me sadness, worryness, anger, and other bad emotions, but i can guarantee that it is much more difficult for me to lose my balance.

  • Are you against the use of antihistamines, corticosteroids, and steroids ? YES I´AM, but they play a very important role in some situations.

  • Are you against the conventional medicine and doctors ? OF COURSE NOT. I also use it.

  • Is it impossible for the conventional medicine to cure urticaria ? NO. For example if you have an urticaria caused by an infectious disease like C hepatitis, they will kill the virus, the disease will be cured, and the urticaria will vanish.

  • Is what you do legal ? YES. What i do is giving to people my opinion about the reasons why they have urticaria, and what i would do based in my personal experience and study. There are no law in this planet that can make giving an opinion a crime; fortunately.