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The real start to cure chronic urticaria/hives

Hello friends, on my first post i made an introduction to the blog saide welcome to you all and made general considerations about the urticaria/hives matter.I finished my first post it with 3 statments.

1 – Urticária/hives is not an illness.

2 – Urticaria/hives is not an allergy

3 – People think urticaria is a BAD thing but it is not. In fact it is a GOOD thing because it is an alarm sign that not every person can be fortunate to have.


1 – Urticária/hives is not na illness: It is just a symptom of hidden umbalances we have and don´t know.

2 – Urticaria/hives is not na allergy: for tradicional chinese medicine urticária is an excess of inner heat. This excess of inner heat can be due to excess of YANG = HEAT, or a lack of YIN = COLD; in chinese medicine is called EMPTY YIN.

In conventional medicine, urticária is divided in 2 types: acute and chronic. The acute lasts for 6 weeks. After that time it starts to be considered chronic urticária. This 6 weeks period is theoretically the time that a toxin or some food or nutrient that causes allergy need to be identified and eliminated from the diet or from the objects that are touched by the patient, if speaking of chemical products.

Returning to chinese medicine, even this period of 6 weeks ( even when some food or chemical product are identified as being causing the reaction or the urticária attack ) is not seen as a proved allergic issue. In fact it is considered that the red line of inner heat was hit. When this supposed element is removed from the patient life, the YANG = HEAT gets down, and the urticária gets weaker and if the process of getting the cold and heat energies ( Yin and Yang ) keeps running until it´s completelly balanced, the urticarias disappear and the person is cured.

 ( Ahead in this blog, i will explain why this heat causes urticária. )

Also for chinese medicine the heat rises because of negative emotions that umbalance the inner organs so, considering this, it´s difficult to accept that the 6 weeks period means allergy; in fact doesn´t mean anything; ZERO. It´s considered that is the prior period of each person life that brought the person to a level that the heat is very next to the limit. Summarizing, for chinese medicine, although is accepted that some products or foods can cause allergy, this THING called allergy only happens because the umbalances accumulated during the years brought the body to a level of short tolerance to products or foods that are YANG = HEAT, HOT, OR RISE HEAT.

3 – people think that urticaria is a BAD thing but is not. It is a GOOD THING.

Urticária is a good thing because it is na alert mechanism, that not every person is lucky to have, and it tell us that WE ARE NOT LIVING ACCORDING WITH WHAT WE REALLY WANT IN LIFE OR ACCORDING TO OUR ESSENCE. For example anger or worryness is not on our essence. We should live our lifes not having those emotions. In chinese medicine it´s considered that negative emotions umbalance the inner organs the way i list below:

Anger – Liver

Sadness and grief – Lung

Fear and anxiety – Kidney, large intestine

Worryness and repeated thinkings – Spleen

Excessive Joy – Heart

Irritation and rage – Stomach

NOTE: i will explain this emotions/organs in a more detailed way on the next post.

Summarizing: It´s the umbalances of the inner organs that creat empty yin ( lack of cold energy ) and get to the excess of inner heat, wich cause URTICÁRIA. I´ll explain why heat causes urticaria in future posts.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the next post.


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  1. Thank you so much for writing these blogs. I am finally going back to my old way of thinking of hopefully healing. So informative and a new source of healthcare without using drugs.

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