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Welcome to chronic urticaria cure

In this post i will tell what you can expect from this blog.

Chronic Urticária also called chronic hives is a chronic disease that is affirmed by the conventional medicine to be incurable. For this medicine the word ” chronic ” means not curable, and ” idiopatic ” means they don´t know why it happens, once several different triggers can act to start the crisis. I had that “disease” for almost 4 years. I did not acceept that veredict of incurable over my head and started to study everything about urticaria that was and is available on the surface of this planet. Today, i´m 100% cured. I found a way through the tradicional chinese medicine, and i developed also my own knowledge about some diets to cure urticária. When cured, i got in urticaria groups of facebook and started to guide people on what to do to achieve the cure. For that, i evaluate their case, i make an emotional evaluation that lead to the the inner imbalances i suspect they have, i explain them why they have it, and why they cause their urticárias. I also let them know that urticária is not a disease but a symptom. My last role is to help them to get an honest chinese medicine doctor on their city, no matter wich point of the world they live. Finally, they show my suspicions to the doctor, and he confirms them and start the appropriate treatment. Since that time, around 500 people got cured under my opinions, and many others are in the middle of the process but already 80% are much better. Besides me, chinese medicine counts thousands of cure cases. There are milions of persons suffering from urticaria in the world, and they are stuck and addicted to anti histamines, corticoids, and imunosupressors; simply because conventional medicine doesn´t accept a chinese medicine, that has 5000 years old. My blog, won´t be an illegal medicine exercice, but MY OPINION about what urticária is, and about what must be done to cure it. It gives all the tools for people to understand what urticária/hives really is. For sure, there are persons in the world that can know as much as i do about urticária, but more than i do, i believe not. The readers of this blog can expect to learn everything about urticaria and learn everything they know to get rid of it. I´ll end this first post with three basic guidelines about chronic urticaria that my readers need to learn and i will be writting about on my next post.

1 – Urticária is not an illness.

2 – Urticaria is not an allergy.

3 – People think that urticaria is a BAD thing but is not. In fact it is a GOOD thing.



  1. Good, this Blog will help a lot of people, as well as me who suffered from UC for 28 years.

  2. Luis,com certeza seus artigos vão ajudar muitas pessoas a cura da urticária, é o que espero pra mi ha filha também.

  3. Boa tarde Luís, li a tua historia de como foste curado da urticaria aquagenica, isto motivo-me muito e deu-me espera de ser curada também. Entretanto, vivo com urticária há mais de 20 anos, já fui vista por vários especialistas mas nenhum resolve o meu problema. Sofro muito, a hora do banho é o pior momento, tenho urticária todos os dias. Preciso muito da sua ajuda , no sentido de indicar-me um bom médico de Medicina tradicional Chinesa.

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