Urticaria cure

Empty yin on urticaria – Empty reserves.

  • Yin deficiency happens when you empty your reserves and your capacity to relax and rest.
  • You can’t slow down.
  • You get slightly hyper all the time
  • Body processes are compromissed: burnout!

The process

As life rushes, Yin Deficiency or empty yin gets high. This happens and we don´t get counscious of it. We think we’re working profitable but we are digging a bigger hole each day! To have balance, we must have the same yin and yang levels. Yin deficiency is a very relevant syndrome in Chinese Medicine and also very common unfortunately. Western medicine doesn´t value it or even admit it existence eventually but the fact it´s under a lot of Western concept diseases. Chinese medicine defends that if you balance yin and yang and clear any yin deficiency, the disease disappears. Excess of work is one of the main causes of Empty Yin. Overwork causes stress. Prolonged Stress, over time, causes Yin deficiency. Stress is such a big subject that I’ve written a book about it.

Main Yin Deficiency Symptoms

If you are suffering from Empty Yin (which means the same as Yin Deficiency), you’ll have some of the following symptoms:

  • Dryness in your throat and/or mouth, specially at night
  • Dry skin
  • Dry eyes
  • Perspiration at night, during the sleep, when there’s no apparent reason for it
  • Noises in your ears: this is called ‘tinnitus’
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness going quickly to exhaustion, for example when you start doing  something, or after a good night sleep when you think  you are full of energy
  • Insomnia (either you can’t get to sleep, or more likely you wake in the middle of the night for no obvious reason)
  •  Possible lack of genital lubricating fluids
  • You can feel waves of heat, as in the menopause: these waves, or ‘power surges’ mean your symptoms level is changing to the next level, empty heat. 

Empty yin and food

Avoid or eliminate overstimulating foods. coffee or containing caffeine, herbs like Chinese ginseng, and foods that create heat like roasted meats

  1. Dont eat YANG FOODS, as these tend to increase heat in your body. If you are yin-deficient, your body is not good on dealing with too much heat.
  2. Also be cautious about COLD-type foods too, because digesting cold or cold-type foods takes energy. You don’t have much of that either because it´s yin that generate yang and once you have lack of it, your yang ( regarding energy for action ) will also not be so strong.
  3. Yang-type foods  – which you should reduce, if not avoid – tend to be spicy or sweet and include meat, especially when roasted or fried.
  4. Yin-type foods, which may benefit you, usually are bitter, salty or sour. But have them cooked and warm where possible.

Over- eating and Alcohol

  • Don’t eat large meals, meals with alcohol, or drink alcohol, late before bed. Everyone is different, but you should use alcohol to help you sleep. Your body metabolises it and it will create heat and prevent replenishing, restful sleep.
  • Also, when you eat a large meal and you are tired is a disaster for your yin-deficient body. It simply have energy for it.
  • More smaller meals are usually better and easier to digest when you have yin deficiency.


Other Useful Stuff YOU can DO for Yin Deficiency

  • Don’t exercise strong before going to bed. Leave at least 4 hours between finishing your exercise and going to bed.
  • Too much TV – and phones, tablets etc, harm your sleep, especially on the 3 hours before going to bed. You may sleep but it won’t be good! With yin deficiency you must nurture yourself. 
  • Acupuncture is an excellent tool to tonify your empty yin.
  • 5 Element acupuncture will help to steady the way your metabolism works.

Empty yin and urticarias

There are several types of urticarias. In the most part of urticarias patients present symptoms related with heat and frequently have outbreaks when exposed to factors that rise heat like the sun, exercise, hot or spicy foods, however the underlying condition under this excess of inner heat is a pattern of EMPTY YIN. Cholinergic urticaria is the most classic example of a excess of inner heat problem. This is easy explainable because as said in prior articles the seven emotions umbalance the inner organs. The usual process is draining the Yin of some organs individually. This lead to a generalized EMPTY YIN process that takes around 3 years to install. If the umbalances are not corrected and if the life style and environment is not changed in order to put the person living according to his or her essence, also according with the person real want for his or her life, the next step will be the EMPTY HEAT PATTERN.

From my experience of the cases i saw since 2014 THE LUNG EMPTY YIN is present on almost all cases. This seems very logic because sadness that is the negative emotion that affects the lung is a consequence of all the problems in life and is associated with all the other negative emotions.

Empty yin gets installed on an individual organ when this organ does not have the necessary conditions to recover on the proper period for it over the 24 hours cicle.


  1. Great article Luis. The empty yin sounds like something that builds up over time, and is a lifestyle problem. However, can it happen due to external sources too, like maybe having a n accident, or drinking too much alcohol one night, or getting some other disease/condition?

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